Palo Sangre Kuripe Necklace

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Palo Sangre Kuripe Necklace 

These beautiful Palo Sangre Kuripe Necklace Self-Applicators are hand made in Pucallpa ,Peru.

Made with sustainable harvested Palo Sangre (Blood Wood) for the pipe pieces, imparting a delightful aroma every time you apply your medicines. This is a beautiful type of hard wood, sustainably harvested, and filled with the intense energy of the Amazon jungle. 

Each piece is adorned with a lacquered piece of Ayahuasca vine on one side, joined with Chyrsacola stone (Peru's unique type of Turquoise) to absorb negative energies and impart healing into your piece on the other side. Every piece has the same type design. Adorned with waxed leather for the adjustable necklace. 

One size fits all. 

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