Born of a Dream in 2013 with an immense passion for Shamanic Indigenous cultures around the world. Having spent much time with many sacred tribes learning from their ancient knowledge and traditions. 

Inspired by the deep transformation and healing of the plant medicines, and beautiful handcrafts a vision was born. To create a conscious brand. Merging shamanic practices, knowledge, the arts, and education.

It is our intention to be a bridge for others healing, to preserve and provide a self-sustainable way of life for indigenous tribes fulfilling the Hopi prophesy of the Rainbow Warriors.


Tribu Spirit is an online Shamanic Shop working together on a “one to one” personal level with indigenous tribes around the world. Primarily in the Amazon forrest of Brazil.

Together we produce and sell high quality plant medicines, indigenous arts and shamanic tools in a completely fair-trade manner. Giving back to our tribes. Through these means we aim to help with the preservation and education of their ancient wisdom and practices.


By engaging in Fair Trade with the Tribes, we pay above average prices. Making sure that they receive the money that they need to take care of their families and tribes needs. Not creating a co dependent relationship. We strive to help empower them. This encourages them to be self sustainable, empowered, and keep their ancient traditions and wisdom alive by practicing above fair trade with one another.


Ethically Sourced directly from the Amazonian Tribes through personal relationships. 
We uphold and give great gratitude to the Tribes of the Amazon Forrest. For the great honor that it is to be a carrier of these sacred medicines. They are our family and protectors of the lungs of our planet, the medicines and spirits of the forrest.

Please remember to always say a prayer for them in your ceremonies and give your gratitiude. 


We care greatly about our Mother Earth.
We all must do what we can as guardians of this sacred planet to protect her.

Thats why our packaging is made of 100% Recycled Paper, Biodegradable and Earth Friendly.


As medicine carriers we know the power of alchemy.
Which is why on each medicine pot there is a Shri Yantra Symbol.

To keep your medicine charged, blessed, and protected. Keeping it at the highest frequency possible, at all times.


Tribu Spirit is partners with 2 different NGO's to help save our Sacred Mother Earth.

Eden Project for our Reforestation Projects and Empower for cleaning up plastics in the Oceans. 

Every purchase will go towards our projects. You will find all specific info under our product pages as well as be notified by email of which project we have contributed to on behalf of your purchase by choosing Tribu Spirit. 

Thank you for helping us be the change!



You can find real-time updates on our Home page of the impact we are making together. 

By choosing Tribu Spirit you help us to Be the Change we want to see in the world. Thank You from the depths our heart and mother earth's. 


TRIBU is a 508c(1)(a) an Unincorporated Church and Private Ministry Association here to serve and uplift humanity through Education, Healing, Fellowship and Unity communing with Nature. 

Official Notice: This is a private website for members & users only. This message is private between man/woman who choose to operate in private, contains privileged and/or confidential information and is for the sole use of the intended recipient; All rights are without prejudice and without recourse by the sender(s). 

We operate by donation only. Donate today and help support the healing of humanity through nature. Everything on this site is based upon our own personal opinions, and not to be taken as LEGAL ADVICE.


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