Q: I am new to Hape’ . Where do I start?

A: The starter kit is a great place to start. All of the hape’s we carry will support you in clearing energies and blockages no matter what they are. As long as you pray and set your intentions. Connecting to the spirit of the medicine and thanking the tribes who make this medicine for you. Ask for specific support, like you would a friend. Please also watch the videos in the video section of the website for more info.  https://tribuspirit.com/pages/videos

Q : Which is your strongest hape’?

A : Shawandawa Shakti Shiva, Kaxinawa Warrior Heart, Sananga, Nukini Clarity, Yawanawa Crown Consciousness. Please also take a look at the info section of our website.  https://tribuspirit.com/pages/hape-info

Q : I don’t have a Kuripe. Can I snort Hape’?

A : Hape’ should absolutely NOT be snorted, you MUST use a Kuripe to self administer the medicine. Please watch the videos on the website for correct guidance. https://tribuspirit.com/pages/videos   

Q : Can I take Hape’ when I am on medication or antidepressants? Which do you recommend?

A :Yes, Hape’ is still safe to use while taking pharmaceuticals. This medicine can help greatly in supporting your journey into releasing antidepressants in your life. I honor your courage to do this and I know you will be met with great strength and support by the medicine. Please take a look at the testimonials section on the website for people who have weaned themselves off of pharmaceuticals. Testimonials : https://tribuspirit.com/pages/testimonies

I recommend Shawandawa Shakti Shiva, Kaxinawa Warrior Heart and Nukini Clarity.

Q :Do all of your Hape’s contain mapacho/tobacco? What are the ingredients ?

A : Yes. The recipes are each tribe's secret. However, all contain sacred tree ashes and many different amazonian plants.

Q : Can I use hape’ when I'm pregnant or breast feeding?

A:Yes all our hape’s are safe to use while pregnant and breastfeeding.

Q: How long does Hape' last for? Does it have a shelf life?

A:Hape’ does not have a shelf life.

Q: Which Hape’ would you recommend for Depression? Anxiety? Insomnia?

A:All of our hape’s are great for depression and anxiety. I recommend Beautiful Dreamer for insomnia specifically.

Q : How often can I administer Hape’ ?

A :I encourage everyone to trust your own inner guidance. Daily is fine and in most cases good for many. Hape’ is a great way to start your day in a prayerful way with the power of intention. It is also a great way to end your day after absorbing others energies and to clear your energy field.

If you are trying to release an addiction use as often as you need as long as you are coming to the medicine in a respectful, prayerful way. This makes the world of a difference. This is taking your healing into your own hands.

Q : Does Hape’ have any negative side effects?

A :There are no negative side effects other than what I explain in the hape’ info section of the website. Please see here…https://tribuspirit.com/pages/hape-info

Q : Which Hape’ is best for working with the heart, to help love myself and others?

A :For working on the heart and areas around love. I would recommend our Chocolato. It is filled with love and very unique process. Being bathed in a bath of cacao for 1 year. So the energy is all about love. How we give and receive love. Please see here : https://tribuspirit.com/collections/specialty-collection/products/chocolato-hape

Q: Which Hape’ is best for grounding into the body?

A:Hape’ in general will help you ground. This is one of its many benefits. All of our Hape’s are great for this.

Q : Which Hape’ is best for meditation and consciously creating?

A:All of our Hape’s will help you with meditation and whatever your intention is.

Q : Will Hape’ show up on a drugs test?

A :No, Hape’ is not a drug. It is made of the purest form of tobacco, plants and ashes. Therefore, it will not come up on a drug test.

Q : What happens if you inhale it by mistake?

A :It is ok if you inhale by mistake. You just won’t receive the same energetic transmission and clearing.

Q : Can you tell me anything about swallowing Hapé by accident? I cannot find these topics online .

A :You will be fine and it won’t cause any health concerns. It might just clean you out, just drink a lot of water. It is always best to spit hape’ out as it drains through your sinus cavity and the back of your throat. Spit it out into a glass, or a small bucket. This is the medicines way of clearing through your body.

Q : Is Hape’ addictive?

A :No Hape’ is not addictive. If you are using the medicine it in a ceremonial way with prayer, intention, consciousness and respect. However, some people have more of an addictive nature and could tend to use the medicine as a crutch. Please always be mindful of the way you are approaching the medicine and everything in your life.

Q : I have an addictive nature. How can i use Hape' safely?

A: Please use the medicine in a ceremonial way. Praying to the spirit of the medicine and having an intentional practice can greatly prevent addiction. (please see above)

Ask yourself why you are going to the medicine and then ask the spirit if the medicine to help you with that intention. Especially if you see addictive patterns showing up. Find the root source and ask why.

Q : Which Hape’ helps with substance addictions specifically withdrawals and cravings?

A:I recommend a combination of one of our stronger Hape’s like Kaxinawa Warrior Heart or Shawandawa Shakti Shiva and our Sananga Eye drops. Sananga eye drops contain 10% iboga as it comes from the iboga family of plants and can greatly help reduce cravings and withdrawals from substance addictions. Please see our testimonies page of others who have used these medicines to help them come off of drugs successfully.

Q : Can I use Hape’ to treat my nicotine addiction? Which do you recommend?

A:Yes. Many people have successfully quit smoking and have switched to hape’.

If people are breaking addictions. I recommend to use it as much as they need to break the addiction and then try to use it less. Please always use this medicine in a conscious ceremonial way. See answers above.

Q : Which Hape' is best for Rhinitis ?

A :I would recommend you to work with our Nukini Mint as it helps open up the nasal passages. Other things you can do to help support this is nasal saline water washes. And, a product called Ionbiome. It is a nose spray that is 100 % natural and helps with the microbiome in the nasal cavity.

Q: Is there a particular blend you'd recommend for intense study & focus?

A :All hape’s will help you with your intention when used ceremonially. However, Nukini Clarity could help support this.

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