This beautiful Leather Belt Bag is great for festivals, hiking, trekking, social gatherings, city walking, etc for hands-free ease in style. 

Exquisitely Hand-made by a local artisan in the sacred valley of Peru. 
Made of leather in dark brown and tan, with tassels, a beautiful chrysocolla stone and hand-stitched details on the pockets. 

A stone for your inner goddess. Chrysocolla is a vibrant, unusual stone that encourages confidence, creativity & joy. Chrysocolla is a stone of both gentleness and of power. It allows the fluidity of emotion, expression, grace and poise. Chrysocolla captivates with its vibrant changeability, uniqueness and empowering energy

Adjustable waist strap. One size fits all. 

3 Pockets:
The longer pocket is the perfect size for iPhone 14max pro with a case on it.
The larger middle pocket is perfect for all things including a medium-sized wallet and more.
The smaller pocket is great for smaller things like change, keys or lip balm. 
Can be worn in the front, side, or back.

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