Chonta Aya Kuripe

These beautiful Chonta Kuripe Self-Applicators are hand-made by a local artisan in Pucallpa, Peru. 

Made with sustainably harvested Chonta wood , giving you a delightful aroma every time you apply your medicines. Chonta is a beautiful type of palm wood, sustainably harvested, in sleek black and white stripes, and is also lightweight. 

Each piece is adorned with a lacquered piece of Ayahuasca vine on one side, and on the other side with a Green Flourite stone.

Green Fluorite clears and cleanses negative energy from any environment and brings renewal. It inspires new ideas, originality and quick thinking. Particularly healing to the Heart Chakra, this mineral permits information to rise from the subconscious, and helps the emotional body understand issues of the heart, both current and of the past. It enables the release of emotional trauma and outworn conditioning, frees one from the slavery of addictions and things that are harmful, and allows one to serve purposes of a higher good. Harmonizing the mind with the heart, Green Fluorite helps make certain one’s thoughts, words and actions are aligned with their true purpose.

One size fits all. 

Uses: These pipes are used in a sacred ceremony for administering hape' to yourself. If you are interested in learning more about this tribal custom please watch our videos on YouTube or in the Video section on the site. 

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