What is Crystal Bowl Sound Healing?

March 02, 2023

Crystal bowls are constructed of quartz and tuned to the body's chakra centers. They aid in the repair, opening, healing, and balancing of those energetic centers. A singing bowl can be played in a group context, such as a group sound bath, or by yourself. 

When you utilizecrystal sound bowls, you allow energy to flow freely through your body, removing any blockages that may create mental and physical challenges. Sound healing can transport the receiver into a profoundly contemplative and relaxed state, inviting healing into the energetic and physical body. Keep reading to learn more about how crystal bowls work, how they're made, and how to use them at home! 

History of Crystal Sound Bowls 

Since the 1980s, crystal bowls have been incorporated into healing treatments. Surprisingly, in a convergence of modern and ancient technology, the computer industry created top-quality, pure quartz crystal bowls to grow computer silicon chips. If the bowls were not accurate enough, they were discarded. On their way to the garbage bin, someone found they had beautiful clear sounds and chose to stop dumping them! Thanks to a happy accident, the crystal bowl industry was born.

They have since evolved into a vehicle with fantastic potential for people working with sound in ancient and modern healing technologies alike. Like traditional Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls can be used as sound tools to promote healing and expansion. Pairing awareness and intent while playing can significantly boost the effectiveness of the bowls. Most sound recipients find listening to a bowl's rich, clear, vivid tone very calming and renewing, which sometimes triggers deep emotions and states of well-being.

Does Sound Bowl Healing Work?

Yes, it does! Sound bowls can move energy, clear blocks, and restore harmony between mind, body, and spirit. Crystal sound bowls are not "woo-woo"; they work because of science! By hitting the bowl with a mallet, vibration and resonance are produced.

Furthermore, while the scientific evidence is mixed, anecdotal evidence suggests that crystal bowls positively affect the body, mind, and emotions. Tibetan singing bowls have been used in religious practice for over 2500 years and are now commonly used in therapy, meditation, and yoga classes. Singing bowls function similarly to other instruments, and their potential to improve our lives is infinite!

How Do You Use Crystal Sound Bowls for Healing?

True healing begins at the root, not by slapping a band-aid on the surface of the problem. Sound healing works on a deep level to invite emotional and spiritual healing, which in turn stimulates physical healing. If someone is experiencing chronic anxiety and can't sleep because of it, sound healing may help them relax enough to fall asleep, and while asleep, the body has a chance to heal and repair itself.

Crystal bowls can provide healing results for a variety of issues, including:

  • Sleep disorders
  • Confusion
  • Pain management
  • Feeling weighed down
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress management
  • PTSD
  • Feeling "stuck"

How Does a Crystal Sound Bowl Work?

Crystal singing bowls are created in a rotating mold from pure quartz (99.8% silicon quartz) and sand, heated to roughly 4000 degrees. Quartz has a natural relationship with the human body! Our cells contain silica, which balances our electromagnetic energy at the molecular level. 

Crystal operates as an oscillator, boosting and transmitting clear tones. Because music impacts brainwave activity, we can enter an altered state of consciousness when immersed in relaxing sounds. Different hormones and neurochemicals are released as different brain areas are affected, promoting healing and relaxation. 

On an energetic level, crystal sound bowls are tuned to specific notes and their correlated frequencies. Each bowl produces a unique vibration that resonates at a frequency our energetic system can connect to. Our chakra centers are the energetic meeting points of our bodies. If a sound bowl tuned to the note F is played, you may notice your heart chakra opening and expanding, which might feel like deep feelings of love, gratitude, and forgiveness.

Chakra System Musical Tones

What Can I Expect After a Sound Healing?

You will most likely feel relaxed and serene after a crystal bowl sound healing. You may feel tired afterward as if you've just awoken after a long nap. Following a period of anxiety or sadness, you may find yourself gaining clarity on an emotional issue or experiencing a sense of inner peace. After listening to a crystal bowl sound healing, it's a great idea to journal, spend time in nature, or catch up on rest. 

How to Use Crystal Sound Bowls at Home: 

  • Create a healing space: choose a clutter-free room where you feel relaxed and safe. 
  • Consider your intention before beginning; what do you hope to receive or experience during this sound healing? Example: "My intention is to be present in my body."
  • Close your eyes and breathe intentionally until you feel relaxed and present.
  • Pick up your crystal chalice/bowl and mallet
  • Gently tap the bowl's outer rim and glide the mallet around the outer edge of the rim. Let yourself relax and play intuitively.
  • Remember that this is a healing practice, and there is nothing to be ashamed of! Allow yourself to feel whatever comes. 
  • When you are finished, journaling or going for a walk in nature is a great way to integrate!

Which Crystal Sound Bowl Should I Start With?

Working withcrystal sound bowls is a highly energetic practice. It's a great idea to choose a sound bowl that intuitively speaks to you. 

While selecting your first bowl, consider where you are seeking healing in your life. Some possibilities are within relationships (heart chakra), standing up for yourself and setting boundaries (throat chakra), creative blocks (sacral chakra), or opening up more to your higher self and guidance (crown chakra). Considering your personal life and growth areas help your first bowl selection become simple!

Here atTribu Spirit, we believe in the healing power of sound and are proud to offer the highest-quality crystal sound instruments. Check out our beautiful collection of chakra-attuned sound chalices and bowls

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