8 Powerful Ways to Help Improve Your Meditations

March 15, 2021

Recommended to do every day in the morning to optimize the vibrational tone for your day. So that you can live your best life!

Created for you by Shaundra Hyre, medicine woman, multidimensional healer, sound healer, creator and owner of Tribu Spirit. 

1. Find a quiet comfortable space

Light a candle and repeat 3xs “light, light, light, let there be light.” When we use the power of our word we call forth the action. Lighting a candle will help you remember your divinity. That you always were and always will be light. Calling upon the light activates it forth. 

2. Clear your energy field with palo santo

We all have multidimensional bodies and it is important to keep all of these bodies clean. Not just our physical bodies. Smudging with palo santo is one of the easier and sweet ways to clean your energy field. Activating the brain's olfactory system sending signals to your brain. Helping to turn on the body's relaxation responses which reduces panic, stress, anxiety and insomnia. 

3. Call upon all your guides

Open up sacred space by calling upon your higher self 3x “ I AM THAT I AM “ 

Call upon all your guides : Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Galactic Family of Light, Ancestors and any other special beings of light that you work with. 


When we use the statement I AM THAT I AM. This activates your I AM presense. Your I am presence is your own Individualized Presence of God.

It is the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual aspects of your being. It is also your connection to Source or God Consciousness, it is your ability to manifest and co create with the world around you. 

There are many different etheric beings who have specific roles and work with different specialties of energies. You can call upon them as friends who are here to lovingly support you in your journey of life. As you begin to build a relationship with them you will understand more in depth of how they work with you specifically. 

4. Connect to Shaundra Hyre’s Sound Cloud

Shaundra’s Sound Cloud is filled with many powerful energetic clearings and tools that you can find to help assist you upon your journey to claim back your sovereignty.

Recommended: Personal Quadruple Grid Technique

Personal Quadruple Grid Technique -This energy clearing technique is designed to clear your energy fields of low vibrational and then infuse your energy fields with high vibrational energy. We work with 4 different groups of beings : Legions of Michael, Grace Elohim, Ze’Or Continuum and Circle Security. 

5. Use Tribu Spirit Hape’ of choice

Before you begin don’t forget to thank the indigenous tribes that have so lovingly made these medicines in prayer , thank the spirits of the Amazonian Forest, and Tribu Spirit for the work that we do to make sure you have the highest frequency medicines available for you to work with. 

Hape’ is a very sacred natural shamanic plant medicine made by the indigenous tribes of Brazil. Hape’ helps to relieve anxiety and depression, clear mental confusion, calm the nervous system, helps one to mediate and quite the mind, brings clarity and connection with the self, clears the energy field, brings you into the present moment, increases physical, energetic, and emotional vitality. 

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6. Give gratitude to all the blessings in your life.

The attitude of gratitude is so simple yet so powerful. It is scientifically proven that gratitude opens the doorway to more relationships, improves physical and psychological health, enhances empathy and reduces aggression, helps you sleep better, improves self esteem, and increases mental strength.

7. Smile

The mere act of smiling reduces blood pressure, lowers stress hormones and boosts your mood. 

8. Clear and Seal your energy field with Tribu Spirits Agua de Florida

Agua de Florida’s many benefits and uses include : sealing, closing and protecting the energy body, cleansing and purification of negative influence in people, spaces and places, used in healing ceremonies, rituals and baths, when inhaled deeply induces grounding, connection and healing, removes unwanted thought forms and low vibrations, used like holy water for cleansing, good luck and protection.

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Now you have just completely shifted your mind, body, and spirit in a very powerful way that will set the vibrational tone the rest of your day, to live your best life! 

The Benefits of Hapé

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