We have been very blessed to receive this medicine straight from the Amazon rainforest.
This Sananga is a full-power alchemical transformation through the force of the fire! Embodying its name, ‘Fuerte Fuego’!

This Sananga is very strong and very intense!
Burning through anything that no longer serves your highest alignment.

Its energy is very activating with an intense golden loving light in the heart chakra.

Expanding out from the heart chakra and activating the Sushumna channel
(central Nadi energy channel of the body) clearing out the ida and pingola
( right and left hemispheres of the brain and energy channels of the body) allowing the energy channels to flow better, clearing the throat, head, sinuses, third eye and crown chakras.

Golden light tingling and coursing throughout the head and back and heart, feeling a weight being lifted from the chest and heart chakra. Feeling full of light, clarity, open, refreshed, and reborn from the alchemical fires of this Fuerte Fuego Sananga!

No matter where you are in your practice, your life, or your journey. Everyone can benefit from using this sananga.

To read more on the benefits and studies on how incredible and healing it is: click here.

*Please never dilute Sananga on your own. It can very easily become contaminated and create infections. Sananga is very sensitive.

Storage: ***Please store in a cool refrigerator to keep it fresh. 



 What is Sananga?  

Sananga is a very powerful amazonian eye drop. Made from the roots and bark of a shrub called Apocynaceae from within the sacred forest of the Amazon. 

Traditionally Sananga has been used by the indigenous tribes of Brazil for hunting within the Amazon jungle to feed their families and tribes. To help sharpen their vision, awareness, and extrasensory perceptions to stay focused and strong. In this way, we can apply this to our life. Using these sacred drops to heal what they call Panema. Lack of drive, motivation or focus, laziness, depression, sadness, bad luck, and negative energetic influences that attract difficulties and disease. 

Improves the vision, extending the connection into the spiritual realms. On an energetic level Sananga works to open up the inner vision of the third eye, helps to decalcify and activate the pineal gland. Clears negative thought patterns and mental confusion. Cleansing the physical, emotional and energetic fields, Sananga aids in aligning and cleansing the chakras and the aura while removing negative entities and energies.

Sananga helps to clean on very deep levels and is such a beautiful powerful plant to work with.  Many have noticed an increase in the capacity for their vision improving physically and energetically after the use of Sananga.  

Recommended Dosage & Usage:

Each bottle is 5ml. 148 drops in 1 bottle

It is recommended to only administer 1 drop for each eye a day.

Making this 74 applications for 1 bottle.

If you wear contact lenses please remove them before administering.

~ Please allow for at least 15 minutes of uninterrupted time to set up a ceremonial space, calling in the spirits, playing your favorite ceremonial music, pray and set your intention to heal and clear energies that you wish to clear that no longer serve you. Honor and thank the spirit of sananga, the indigenous tribes that made it, and Pachamama who has given tus his sacred plant healer. 

When you are ready…..

 -~ Lie down in a comfortable position, apply to the corner of the open eye. One eye directly after the other, immediately to keep the energies of the eyes balanced. 

~ Blink your eyes after it has been administered to ensure that all of it is received by the whole eye. Then shut your eyes. 

~You will experience a burning and stinging sensation in your eyes for a few minutes. Do not worry, this is normal and will dissipate after a few minutes. 

~ Use your breath to move through this short duration and intense sensation. Surrender to the medicine and connect with the powerful spirit of Sananga. 

~ You may experience purging, crying, bowel movements where there is stuck energy and sickness. Do not be worried or alarmed. This is a good sign that the medicine is working and releasing the stuck energies in you and your energetic field. Be grateful for this blessing. 

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