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This Kuntanawa Jarina Hape' is hand made by a very special Paje’ in the Kuntanawa tribe in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil. His expertise and art of making hape’ is very refined and special. You can certainly feel it within this hape’.

This Hape’ is made with the Jarina flowers. A very special flower used within the tribe for protection. These powerful Jarina flowers create a force field of protection around the user. Making the user invisible to enemies or low vibrational harmful energies sent from physical or spiritual realms.

The energy of this beautiful medicine washes over you like a strong calming wave.  Working from the crown chakra and rippling in a wave all the way down to the root chakra. Anchoring you and grounding you into the earth. With the power of the spirit of Jarina creating a force field of protection around you.  Helping you to feel safe with more equilibrium, balance, harmony, alignment, strength and peace within the center of your heart. 

Strength: Medium 

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