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Tribu Spirit’s new Limited Edition Madrecita Hape’

🐍 🌟Your Sacred Gateway to Divine Wisdom and Transformation. 🌟 🐍 

🌟 Unlock the Power Within, Connect with the Divine Mother, and Transform Your Life!

We are so blessed to have received such special medicine and to be able to make this available to you.

This Limited Edition Madrecita Hape’ is hand-made by a very powerful Brazilian Hape’ master His expertise and art of making hape’ is very refined and special. You will feel the powerful prayers imbued in this hape’.

🐍 This very special Limited Edition Madrecita Hape’ is made of mapacho, dehydrated Aya and ashes.

🌟 Receive Life-Transforming Messages:

Our new Limited Edition Madrecita Hape’ is more than just a hape’, it's a beacon for life-altering insights and messages from the divine realm. When you open your heart to its divine and sacred energy, you'll find yourself receiving profound guidance, unearthing hidden truths, and embarking on a journey of self-discovery like never before.

🙏 Connect to the Divine Mother: Imagine having a direct line to the cosmic source of wisdom, love, and nurturing energy. Our new Limited Edition Madrecita Hape’ is your personal key to connect with the Divine Mother, a powerful force that has guided humanity for centuries. Her infinite wisdom is here to embrace you, guide you, and fill your life with profound love.

🌺 Experience Deep Connection: Step into a sacred realm where your heart and soul unite, where you can access the deepest places within yourself that you never knew existed. Our new Limited Edition Madrecita Hape’ is not just any hape’; it's a portal to your inner sanctum, a conduit to the divine.

💞 Don't miss your opportunity to experience the life-altering magic of our new Limited Edition Madrecita Hape’. Open your heart, connect with the wisdom of the Divine Mother, and let your transformation begin today. Embrace the divine within you, and watch your life flourish like never before.

🌟 Elevate your life with Tribu Spirit’s new Limited Edition Madrecita Hape’ – Your Sacred Gateway to Divine Wisdom and Transformation.

 🌟Order now and let the journey of a lifetime begin. 🌟

  • If used before bed, may help open up the dream realm.
  • Great to work with before, during and after plant medicine ceremonies, to stay connected and strengthen that connection to the divine mother, Madrecita.
  • The perfect medicine for everyone whether you already have a connection with the spirit of Madrecita or you are just beginning your journey with her.
  • Medium strength but powerful energy when used with intention and prayer


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