This Shanenawa Crystal Waterfall Hape’ is hand made by the Shanenawa tribe in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil.

Its qualities are very quickly rebalancing, grounding, clearing and sharp, piercing through any energetic debris, blockages or muscle tension like a beautiful Crystal Blue Waterfall. Washing over the entire energetic system and chakras. Like a kundalini crystal waterfall bath. Cleaning and clearing with the sacred energy and element of water that is imbued within this very special Hape’. Giving you total clarity and grounding instantly. Feeling like being bathed in a loving, energetic crystal bath with protection. It works especially with the throat chakra. Clearing any blockages within the areas of communication and speaking your truth, using your voice for singing and creativity, really helps to clear the communication channel of the throat. Living your life from a more heart-centered way of communication.

This Shanenawa Crystal Waterfall Hape’ is recommended for everyday use for clearing and grounding. 

Strength: Medium