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This Shawandawa Shakti Shiva Hape’ is handmade by the Shawandawa tribe in the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil.

Its qualities are strong, powerfully clearing, grounding, and very balanced in both masculine and feminine energies much like the energetic representations of Shakti and Shiva bringing you into complete alignment with your masculine and feminine energies creating divine union within your energetic bodies.

The energy of this medicine feels cool at first and then becomes very activated with heat. This powerful medicine comes in with the masculine Shiva energy immediately to the back of the head where our primal warrior programming is of fight or flight. Realigning and balancing the Shiva masculine warrior energy. Opening up and clearing the energy center's in the ears, allowing you to hear spirit, source. Then sending an arrow of strength straight into the pineal to open up your consciousness.

As the feminine energy comes in, the energy drops down into the heart center and solar gates (solar plexus) with the beautiful fierce feminine Shakti energy. Shaking and heating up the energy body and energy centers. Clearing away any blockages relating to power. Activating the power center in the Solar Plexus. Making this full power clearing, aligning, activating, and holding the frequency of divine union.

Strength: Strong

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