This Yawanawa Hape' is handmade by Putanny Yawanawa of the Yawanawa tribe in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil.

There is a very limited amount of this medicine available and only available in the UK.

Putanny and her sister Hushahu are legendary history makers for the women of the tribes in Brazil, not just the Yawanawa. These women are leading inspirations for all women in the world. Putanny and Hushau were the very first women to challenge the old traditions of only men being allowed to work with sacred medicines and do dieta’s.

Putanny was one of the first women to undergo the intensive Muka' dieta. The Muka'dieta is over the duration of one year and is considered by the Yawanawá, indigenous people of Acre Brazil, as their most important initiation in the process of acquiring shamanic power and knowledge.

One can certainly feel Putanny's power and strength within her medicine.

*Please note that this is not our normal Yawanawa Crown Consciousness Hape' and is a different batch. 

Its qualities are very clearing, opening, powerful, energizing, and grounding. Bringing all energy centers into total alignment.

Strength: Strong

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