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This Limited Edition Paricá Caboclo Hape’ is hand-made by a very powerful Hape’ master who has received all of his knowledge from the 10 years he has been working with the Huni Kuin Tribe. His expertise and art of making hape’ is very refined and special. You can certainly feel it within this hape’!

This Hape’ now tops the strongest Hape’ we have ever carried! It is FULL FORCE, FULL POWER ! Haux Haux!

We are so blessed to have received such powerful medicine and to be able to make this available to you after my years of searching for one of the strongest Parica’hape' I could find for my tribe.

This Paricá Hape’ is made of mapacho and Paricá ashes from the Paricá tree. This is not psychoactive and not to be confused with the psychoactive hape’ from the Yanomamis.

Its qualities are very very strong, clearing, grounding, centering in the mind and vision within the third eye and crown chakra areas. Opening up channels of communication.

This is a spiritual inner visionary hape’ to work in the spiritual realms. A hape’ to help open up the ancestral spiritual realms of communication. Cleansing and clearing all low vibrational energies of the mind, body and spirit with great incredible force!

Connecting you in such a deep way the presence of silence and stillness. To be able to hear spirit speak. Reconnecting you to the sacred. Helps to awaken the inner healer we all are and a reconnection to the ancestral spiritual realms.

Caboclos are a lineage of Umbanda spirits, who are indigenous and hold a very high degree of spiritual evolution. They are considered to be spirits of Indigenous who have passed on and have become guardians of light who return to help others along their spiritual evolution.

Umbanda is a Brazilian lineage that combines African & Indigenous traditions and Spiritual practices.

Connect in and set your intentions to communicate to the Caboclo spirits. Their spirits and energies are contained within this full power strength Hape’. They are here to help guide you upon your spiritual evolution.

This hape’ is great for healers and trained medicine carriers to use in ceremony or just with energy healing as it promotes a clear clean channel of connection with the energy of the patient. Helping to open and activate the sensitivity channels and being able to diagnose illness and misaligned energies also supporting in the strength of the application of the energy work and the cleaning and clearing of the patient.   

  • May see muted colors if taken in larger amounts
  • Can be purgative in larger amounts


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