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This Madre’cita Hape’ is hand made by an elder and a beautiful medicine man who's hape's are very special in the Kuntanawa tribe in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil. It is made with dehydrated AyaMadre’cita.

When I sat with this medicine for the first time.

Madre’cita came to me and said, “ I am love, I am one, I am all. “

This is the very first time I ever heard a spirit in my ears,  let alone, communicate to me in such a clear way. I am normally a feeler and then a very strong knowing of what the message is being channeled comes in.

After I heard this, I felt an overwhelming presence of love wash over me and began to cry.

This medicine is so very special. It will take one who is finely attuned in order to connect in as it is quite subtle but if you pray and set your intention with her. She will appear and bring you blessings and insights and healings. It is such an honor to carry this sacred medicine.

Its qualities are very clearing, aligning and heart centering.

*Recommended for use in ceremony for the beautiful heart opening and expansion with la Madre’.


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