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This Forca Espiritual Hape’ is hand made by a hape’ master in the Kaxinawa Huni Kuin tribe in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil.

Forca Espiritual means Spirit Force in Portuguese.

This is the STRONGEST medicine we carry.

*We will not be able to carry this any longer after the stock is gone of what we have. I suggest you stock up. This was a chance and blessing that i was able to get this medicine for you guys. 

Its qualities are very strong, powerfully clearing, energizing, and grounding.

This medicine is like a spiritual force. It goes immediately to the upper regions of the third eye, crown, head, and mind. Clearing implants, programs, low vibrational thoughts in the mind, psychic projections and thought-forms picked up from outside influences.

When our mind and energy are clear from all outside interferences, only then may we be able to connect with the force of the spiritual realms.

May induce purging in various ways of sneezing, vomiting, tears, and saliva.


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