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This Hape’ is the strongesthape' I have ever had in my 11 years of working with the plants ! No one else has this medicine. It is so unique, so rare, and a divine blessing to be able to offer this once in a lifetime ever batch with such force! Haux Haux!

This Kuntanawa Imburana Hape’ is hand-made by a very special Paje’ in the Kuntanawa tribe in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil. His expertise and art of making hape’ is very refined and special. You can certainly feel it within this hape’!

This Flor Fuerte Hape’ is made with the sacred seeds and flowers of the Imburana tree of Brazil. Imburana is very aromatic and has a beautiful sweet smell and flavor.

Traditionally Imburana is soft and gentle but something magical happened within the curing process of this batch that has made it the most powerful I have ever tried! It is truly unique!

The energy is very intense, super strong, very clearing, and very energetically purgative, clearing deep-rooted emotions. Yet brings in a sweet, fragrant, and floral energy to soften the deep work and clearing.

Entering the heart center and blossoming out like a beautiful flower inside your heart. Radiating warm, tingling, golden light that spreads throughout the entire body. Moving up the central channel from the root to the crown. Resting at the Medulla Oblongata at the base of the skull.

Waves and ripples of energy from the center of the oblongata radiating out in all directions of the brain. Like ripples of golden petals. Blossoming petal by petal unfolding its beauty and essence through the sweet energy of Imburana, Flor Fuerte.

The medulla oblongata plays a critical role in transmitting signals between the spinal cord and the higher parts of the brain. It is the seat of the Ego in the body. This point is the Spiritual Eye, which enables internal energy to flow and activates the spiritual connection.

This medicine works on very deep-rooted core wounding emotions such as:  Inner wounded child work, abandonment, rejection, issues around worth, and love. Great for shadow work, trauma, and addiction work.

Strength: Extra Strong