These beautiful Limited Edition Ceremonial Cacao Chakra Hape’ Kits have been created for you to work with the specific Chakra and Hape’ associated with that chakra of your choice to do deeper work.

When our Chakras are out of balance we can feel it in all areas of our life, leaving us with a feeling disempowerment. Each of our Hape’s work on specific chakras to help you rebalance and align these energy centers of power. When you work in a ceremonial way with the spirit of Cacao to help open up the heart and then work with our hape’ to help clear and release energies and bring in that balanced energy into your centers it leaves you feeling grounded, centered, empowered and full of gratitude and love for the lessons of why that chakra was out of alignment, getting to the root of the core. Doing deep self-empowerment work.

Chakra Kit Hape' Options

Root: Katukina Hape', Red, Stability, Security, I am loved, I am safe

Sacral: Kuntanawa Hape', Orange, Creativity, Pleasure is a sacred

Solar Plexus: Sananga Hape', Yellow, Self Esteem, I am the creator

Heart: Nukini Hape', Green, Compassion, I am love

Throat: Kaxinawa Warrior Heart, Blue, Inner Truth, I have a right to speak my truth

Third Eye: Yawanawa Crown, Indigo, Intuition, It is safe to see the truth

Crown: Yawanawa Parika, Violet, Connection with Spirit, I honor the divine within me


Each Kit Comes With:

1 Mayan Ceremonial Cacao Pod ( 1 serving )

1 Colored bag in the color of the Chakra of choice

1 2.5ml of Hape’ associated with that Chakra

1 Chakra Chart to guide you in your work



The Mayans and Aztecs considered the Cacao tree as a divine, sacred tree. Quetzalcoatl- The Feathered Serpent God in Aztec culture also known as Kukulcan to the Maya, gave the sacred Cacao to the people. It was known as the favorite food and drink of the nobles, priests, and Gods which was used in sacred rituals.

It was related to physical vigor, sexuality, sensuality, and vitality. The Maya believed that cocoa would feed them after death. The Aztecs used it to eliminate fatigue and stimulate the psychic and mental abilities and to heal the warriors after fighting; It was a source of spiritual wisdom, corporal energy, and sexual potency. The tree that gave this force was considered Divine and he who cultivated the tree had the job as a gardener of paradise. The goddess of Cacao is Ixcacao, the partner of Ek Chuah, the God of Cacao.

 This beautiful Ceremonial Cacao is the original variety by the Mayans, cultivated as an art, fermented in the sun and toasted in a completely natural manner. Recently Cacao has recovered its application as a sacred drink and master plant, because it opens the heart and helps to clean and clear blocked emotions, allows healing the opening of consciousness and introspection on a transformational level aiding in our evolution. Leaving one feeling revitalized and refreshed from a place that is centered in the heart, connected with your self on a deeper level which leads to a deeper connection with everything you come in contact with in this sacred journey of life.


Preparation of Ceremonial Cacao 


-1 tablet of Cacao

- 300 ml water

- 2 twigs of cinnamon or vanilla pod

- ½ Orange

- Honey to desired taste (optional)



  1. In a pot, add water and the Cacao.
  2. Heat the water to a medium heat and begin to stir gently with a wooden spoon or a whisker.
  3. Wait until the mixture is at boiling, then bring the mixture down to a medium heat.
  4. Now use a hand whisker until the mixture is fully blended.
  5. Once fully blended turn off the heat and add the cinnamon, orange or vanilla, and honey.
  6. Let this cool for about 30 minutes.
  7. To finish, use a strainer and pour the contents of the orange, cinnamon, and other particles that are not smooth into a separate clean container, glass or jug.
  8. Make sure that the Cacao is free of grain or small particles and that the mixture is smooth and pour into a cup or mug.

Now your Cacao is ready for Ceremonial use!



You can use the Mayan Mantra/Prayer to bless your Cacao that we have provided 

Oh Yum, Hunab Ku, Evam Maya E Ma Ho!

Translation: It is the peace of nature of the cosmos in each and every one of us.

Enjoy your sacred journey with the Spirit of Cacao!



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