* Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer * Jan 10th 2020 *
* Saturn Pluto Conjunction Alignment * January 12th~19th *

This Sananga Batch was made Jan 13th - 15th to specifically harness the Energies of the Strongest Cosmic Event of 2020 that we are currently in.

To help support and nurture you. The energies of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer are all about mother the self and nurturing the self, to the greatest levels one has not gone to before. Using this sacred medicine so that you can SEE exactly what it is with clarity and clear these energies that are coming up within to be SEEN and held in love so that they can be cleared and released for a higher alignment to come in.

Even though the batch was made on the 13th - 15th the energies are still working on the Full Moon Eclipse in Cancer that was on Jan 10th., As any large cosmic event, you will feel the energies before, during and after.

The Alignments between * Saturn, Pluto, Mercury, the Sun, and Ceres * Jan 13th - 19th. We lead you to the astrologers who do it best like MYSTIC MAMA.

I wish to share with you some of my favorite bits of the powerful Astrological influences by SARA VARCASbelow.

“This is an eclipse of extremes and therefore of extreme possibilities.

“It could bring liberation from a viewpoint that has kept us imprisoned – mentally, emotionally, spiritually – or it could strengthen those prison bars with a dose of so-called ‘reality’ which tells us nothing ever changes, life’s a struggle and the sooner it’s over the better.

“It reminds us that personal experience cannot be divorced from the collective energetic field in which lies the potential for all things.

“In seeing beyond our tiny fear-based perspective we can open ourselves to this wider potential with reverence and awe.

“There are always possibilities at the edge of our vision if we look in the right way.

“What was previously in our blind spot can come into view with a tilt of the head and this eclipse provides an opportunity to shift perspective to see things in a very different light.

“But the strength of our emotions may discourage us from believing this to be true! 

“If you find yourself overwrought or overwhelmed at this lunar eclipse, ask yourself How would it feel if I believed there was another way to view this situation?’.

“That question alone may take the heat out of the flames and allow a more cooling effect on an over-stimulated heart and mind…

“Following hot on the heels of the lunar eclipse comes the Saturn/Pluto conjunction exact at 16:23 UT on 12th January in the 23rd degree of Capricorn…

“Unlike many outer planet conjunctions which recur over a number of months, this alliance occurs only once, intensifying the process of shift to a new perspective.

“Consider this a choice-point of sorts, during which we can decide how to approach the year ahead and draw upon the imposing energy of this conjunction to cement our commitment.

“Of course, this also means that if we allow negativity or despair to cloud our minds and hearts at this time, the ripple effect of doing so may lap upon our shores for some time to come.

“But this doesn’t mean that if we’re having a hard time in January the whole year’s already a write-off. Far from it!

The key is our response to that hard time: do we cement it with our reactions, adding misery upon misfortune, or do we embrace the conjunction energy to allow new understanding, perspectives and feelings to arise?

“Can we recognize the catalyzing action of trauma or challenge, which can as much clear away old emotional debris as create more?

“Can we feel the energetic hurricane that up-ends a life as the winds of change that point us eventually in a new and more productive direction?

“Many people fear the action of Pluto in their lives. But fear is not a helpful response and be wary around those who encourage it!

“Pluto demands of us a mighty heart that can release all that no longer supports who we must be.

“Conjunct Saturn it reminds us that the most imposing change can also be a powerful catalyst for mature wisdom. 

“Whilst this conjunction may have a purging effect on our lives at some level, if we can recognize its action as a solution not a problem we can ride those storms more wisely.

” This conjunction of planetary heavyweights invites us into a more mature and insightful relationship with our inherent power…

“In the coming years we must own our power and the responsibility that comes with it. Or face with full force the consequences of refusing to do so.

“We must dig deep and rise strong in the face of increasingly desperate power-plays of those who sense influence slipping from their grasp as people wake up to their lies.

“Both  Uranus & Eris are stationing direct at the time of the conjunction, reflecting how this alliance between Saturn and Pluto may stop us in our tracks. Not immediately perhaps, but as its energies ‘bed in’ over time and pervade our everyday life.

“Grabs for power may occur on the world stage in unanticipated ways, whilst the karmic consequences of egotistical assumptions of entitlement become ever more evident.

“Those in power who refuse to pause a while to reflect on their intent may find themselves confronted with the inevitable outcomes of blind arrogance.

“…In this new Saturn/Pluto cycle, slowing down becomes a radical act of self-determination: An opportunity to cease spinning in an endless whirl, gather up our thoughts and feelings and embrace their deeper contemplation for a while.

“By contrast, a square from Eris to the conjunction heralds an opportunity to move through intensity much quicker than before.

“Here we see the potential for our perception of time to shift exponentially. What once took years to process we can now do in a few months and what took months can take weeks or days.

“We have the opportunity to suffer less and reap greater rewards, but we must choose to do so. Our attitude is key to this choice.

“If we focus on pain without hope of change, that’s what we’ll get. If we process the pain, work with it, be authentic within it, the outcome could be beyond our wildest imaginings as the rejuvenating power of a mighty heart is unleashed within us.

“In this sense, the notion of ‘long term’ is shifting beneath our feet as evolutionary forces flood our lives with such intensity that we can be swept up in their embrace before we catch our breath.

“One day we’re living this life then, bam, it’s all change. Just like that.

“The external trappings may look largely the same (for a while at least) but the very fabric of our life has shifted beyond return. We know it and feel it, even if we can’t yet articulate it.

“This experience is becoming more frequent as we awaken to the forces of change that act on all levels of our being.

“We can no longer ignore or dismiss them for they have become us.

“They are the very life force itself, refreshed and renewed by the vital forces that flood this planet and all who live upon her.

“Amidst these moments of sudden shift are those of mind-numbing mundanity which challenge us to put into regular practice all we profess to believe.

“This is the ‘work’ of conscious evolution: living the ordinary life in an extraordinary way, knowing material ‘reality’ as both the most and least real thing about our existence.

“We can reach out and touch it, identify it, name it, and yet if we seek its substance it melts before our eyes.

“Nothing is as it seems and yet we must live it anyway, both mundane and divine.

“In doing so we embody the unbounded human spirit which is rising triumphant, undeterred by the barriers it must breach to make its mark.”

© Copyright 2020 SARAH VARCAS



This Sananga works on you like bathing in a warm loving light. Removing any blockages and obstructions seamlessly, just melting away like basking in the beautiful sunshine of love. Clearing, aligning and strengthening all chakras. Especially the solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. Deep inner connection to the heart and solar plexus helping you to see and feel patterns that block these power centers, seeing things in a different light, from different perspectives, allowing you to be able to change these patterns with new awareness. Feeling of total well - being and centeredness. Balanced and anchoring energy like a gentle force to accomplish all of your goals. An increase in energy and vitality. Connecting us to the c3enter of our hearts. Imbuing us with deep gentle healing of warm loving light of who we truly are. 

This Sananga has been made in house by Tribu Spirit using all the Hz frequencies imbued into this medicine and using all colors of Andara crystals which contain all monoatomic elements and all frequencies and Rays of Light. Focusing the energies on Ascension through awareness and consciousness of bliss as we go through the ascension process as a collective together. 

What is Sananga?  

Sananga is a very powerful amazonian eye drop. Made from the roots and bark of a shrub called Apocynaceae from within the sacred forest of the Amazon. 

Traditionally Sananga has been used by the indigenous tribes of Brazil for hunting within the Amazon jungle to feed their families and tribes. To help sharpen their vision, awareness and extrasensory perceptions to stay focused and strong. In this way, we can apply this to our life. Using these sacred drops to heal what they call Panema. Lack of drive, motivation or focus, laziness, depression, sadness, bad luck and negative energetic influences that attract difficulties and disease. 

Improves the vision, extending the connection into the spiritual realms. On an energetic level Sananga works to open up the inner vision of the third eye, helps to decalcify and activate the pineal gland. Clears negative thought patterns and mental confusion. Cleansing the physical, emotional and energetic fields, Sananga aids in aligning and cleansing the chakras and the aura while removing negative entities and energies.

Sananga helps to clean on very deep levels and is such a beautiful powerful plant to work with.  Many have noticed an increase in the capacity for their vision improving physically and energetically after the use of Sananga.  

Recommended Dosage & Usage:

Each bottle is 5ml. 148 drops in 1 bottle

It is recommended to only administer 1 drop for each eye a day.

Making this 74 applications for 1 bottle.

If you wear contact lenses please remove them before administering.

~ Please allow for at least 15 minutes of uninterrupted time with this medicine to set up a ceremonial space, calling in the spirits, playing your favorite ceremonial music, pray and set your intention to healed with this medicine and clear energies that you wish to clear that no longer serve you. Honor and thank the spirit of this medicine, the indigenous tribes that made this medicine and Pachamama who has given this sacred plant healer. 

When you are ready…..

 -~ Lie down in a comfortable position, apply to the corner of the open eye. One eye directly after the other, immediately to keep the energies of the eyes balanced. 

~ Blink your eyes after the medicine has been administered to ensure that all the medicine is received by the whole eye. Then shut your eyes. 

~You will experience a burning and stinging sensation in your eyes for a few minutes. Do not worry, this is normal and will dissipate after a few minutes. 

~ Use your breath to move through this short duration and intense sensation. Surrender to the medicine and connect with the powerful spirit of Sananga. 

~ You may experience purging, crying, bowel movements where there is stuck energy and sickness. Do not be worried or alarmed. This is a good sign that the medicine is working and releasing the stuck energies in you and your energetic field. Be grateful for this blessing. 

Storage: ***Please store in a cool refrigerator to keep the freshness and integrity of the medicine. 





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