Copal Resin


Copal is a resin from the Copal tree which grows in Mexico and Central and South America. It is burned as an incense for "Purification and Protection". This Copal is from Peru. 

The Copal Tree is originally believed to have grown in Mexico, but now it can be found in a range of places, including western Africa, India, Central, and South America. The resin of the tree is considered most precious and in ancient times it was even more so if it came from trees that had been hit by lightning. The Mayans regarded copal resin as extremely sacred, only daring touch it on their altars with special instruments and not their bare hands.

This Resin is best burned on charcoal or in a fire and emits a high quality, pure aroma cleansing and purifying your space and as a powerful tool to pray with. 

Black Copal is considered by some the most desirable type of Copal because of its rich, heavy scent. This powerful resin is used to purify a space and/or sacred objects and tools, to aid in grounding and for protection and banishing. Black Copal is especially useful when burned at night as it connects deeply with the energy of the moon. Add this resin to any other to increase its potency.

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